Improve Your Company's Performance Through Business Analytics

I create value for businesses by using data analytics to measure performance, forecast the future, optimize processes, and simulate strategic decisions under uncertainty.

I Help Businesses Reach Their Full Potential

Forecasting & KPI Development:

I develop forecasting models for your business (financials, operations, demand, etc). I also craft KPIs that are meaningful to you and your business, and make them easy to monitor. I specialize in sensitivity analysis, so you can always answer "What if" to highly dynamic forecasts.

Decision & Sensitivity Analysis:

I work with you to implement decision quality best practices such as identifying risk (uncertainty), analyze potential outcomes of your decision, and create risk handling plans. I am a huge believer in simulation models, so you can get a good handle on the potential range of outcomes.

Diagnostic Analysis & Optimization:

I analyze your historical data to develop robust excel models of your business. I then conduct optimization analysis to ensure you and your teams make the best day-to-day decisions for your company.

Easy-to-Use Tools & Actionable Insights

I develop customized tools and models for you and your team to keep alignment between your daily decisions and your strategic ones. I always deliver actionable insights, so you're not left with numbers and charts thinking "So what?"

Hi, I'm Michelle!

I've been adding value through business modeling & analytics for a decade, and have received awards & recognition for my contribution - including a highly competitive award from the CFO of Boeing



Michelle is a consummate data professional who can find the needle in the haystack. Her Analysis and visualization is top-notch, and she delivers what she promises. I highly recommend her.

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There are a few key offerings you'll find around the website that you should know about:

Hire Me

I provide expert business analysis, including decision models & flexible tools and templates for ongoing monitoring

Feeling stuck? Need something for your business to pull you out of a rut & improve your performance? I can help!


Make your modeling quick & easy with pre-made tools

I've created a full suite of tools that can help save you time. From templates for the most common types of business models, to analytical tools that will calculate key predicted values in a matter of seconds, these templates & tools will save you oodles of time.


Learn the basics, or deepen your current skills 

I've developed a set of training programs designed to walk you through everything you need to know to get your modeling journey underway. I'm focusing on foundational concepts first, which are helpful for any experience level



Michelle was so excellent to work with. You will know from the first moment that you work with Michelle that she has integrity, passion, and drive! The model that Michelle built for us is perfect; exactly what we needed. Being able to visually 'see' our performance targets vs actual production has been a game changer for us. I wish every project manager on the planet would communicate as well as Michelle. She seems to know exactly when to ask for more information and when to improvise ... perfect balance! Would highly recommend her to anyone looking for high quality results!

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bryN garland


Michelle helped us build a queuing model to simulate patient flow through a hospital. Despite this being a highly complex issue and our initial process maps being incomplete, Michelle was able to work through each step logically and extract all the necessary information to make it work by asking targeted questions. As an individual, Michelle is very easy to work with, diligent, responsive, and that rare kind of highly intelligent person that can communicate complexity in simple terms. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Michelle.

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